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Wexford Yacht Club

Sailing / Yacht Club , Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, United States

The Wexford Plantation Yacht Club is an independent corporation within Wexford Plantation. It exists primarliy for the purpose of managing the boat slips in the Marina area adjacent to the Wexford Plantation Clubhouse. Marina slips exist for those members of Wexford who do not own harbourside properties. Membership is limited to Wexford Plantation Property Owners. Membership in the Yacht Club entitles the Wexford Plantation Property Owner to the use of the boat slip assigned to that membership.

The Yacht Club is managed by an independent Board of Directors elected by the members of the Yacht Club. The Board is responsible for setting and collecting the annual dues, arranging insurance, maintaining appropriate relationships with the Board of the Wexford Plantation Homeowners Associate (WHOA), providing ex-officio members to the Harbour Committee, and making recommendations to the Harbour Committee as to who might serve as Flag Officers (Commodore, Vice Commodore, etc.,) for the Plantation.

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