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Aquia Harbour Yacht Club

Sailing / Yacht Club , Stafford, Virginia, United States

In early 1975, led by Don Hanson, two organizational meetings were convened to discuss the organization of a Yacht Club. During a follow-on meeting in February of 1975, by-laws were adopted, officers elected, dues established, and the Aquia Harbour Yacht Club was born. The objectives of the new Aquia Harbour Yacht Club were: “to provide for organizational growth of the individual membership and for the club as a whole; to promote boating safety; to recommend and help promote rules and regulations for the improved operation of the marina; and to develop good social fellowship among members.” The officers in the charter organization were Commodore Bill Fine, Vice Commodore Don Hanson, Secretary Sue Johnson, and Treasurer J. D. Moore. J. D. Moore is still a member of the Aquia Harbour community. First members of the Yacht Club included Bill and Martha Fine, Roy and Delane McHone, Don Hanson, Sue Johnson, J.D. Moore, Byron and Elizabeth Irwin, Phil and Pat Gainous, Ralph and Muriel Metts, Bill Eddy, and Bob and Frances Dippel.

Although a small organization, our founding fathers sought early recognition for this fledgling organization. The new AHYC was registered in the Lloyds of London Registry of American Yacht Clubs and still remains a part of that Registry today. Elizabeth Irwin designed the original AHYC Burgee, the flag flown on the bow of our member’s vessels. Although remaining a small organization, the AHYC soon became a respected member of the Potomac River Yacht Clubs Association and the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Clubs Association. Our club remained small during the following eight years. In 1983 the AHYC began a period of transition and growth which has evolved to where we are today. During the 1983-1985 period, the club began developing a foundation on which to build for the future. Its evolution and maturation has continued since those early days in 1983 to a point where, today, the Aquia Harbour Yacht Club is “First on the Water”.

Today the Aquia Harbour Yacht Club is a multi-faceted organization dedicated to our motto “Boating Safety, Education, the Environment, and Fun”. In addition to an unparalleled social and boating calendar, we are seriously pursuing boating safety and training, and community involvement. Recently, the AHYC adopted a Mission Statement to guide our organization into the 21st Century: “The Aquia Harbour Yacht Club is a recreational boating group that strives to promote safe boating practices through education for its members and the community.”

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