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Chip Croft left the corporate world in 1983 to start his own venture producing documentaries, commercials and instructional productions. He began by shooting video of giant leatherback sea turtles off Newport, Rhode Island for an endangered species group. At the same time the 1983 America’s Cup sailboat races were in progress and he decided to produce a documentary on the race. It was highly popular because Australia won the Cup, breaking America’s 135 year winning streak. He then partnered with prominent sailmaker, Herb Hild, to start SEA~TV which actually pioneered the nautical home video market. SEA~TV was one of the first companies ever to market special interest programming direct to the consumer via videocassette.

Since then, Chip and his partners have produced programs as diverse as the International Yacht Racing Rules, “Antigua Race Week,” “The Incredible Tristan Jones” and the Rolex Gold Cup Polo Tournament in Palm Beach, Florida. He has also produced environmental productions on sea turtles and whales. Other productions include documentary work on the whalers in the Caribbean island of Bequia and on giant leatherback sea turtles in the North Atlantic.

Since the late 1980s, Chip has been an adjunct instructor at Southern Connecticut State University teaching video production, editing, script writing, decision making and computer graphics. Croft and current SEA-TV partner, Anneka Banton, have produced two documentaries on marine artist Geoff Hunt, which have won a Special Jury Award and a Platinum Award in the Worldfest film festival. All together SEA~TV has won ten film festival awards. SEA-TV has also recently released “Learn the Racing Rules” with rules expert and America’s Cup skipper, David Dellenbaugh. SEA-TV’s release i “High Seas Schooner: Voyage of the Harvey Gamage” won two platinum film festival awards. It is a documentary of an exciting voyage on the 95 ft. classic rigged schooner, “Harvey Gamage” from the Virgin Islands to Bermuda to Gloucester that encountered 30 ft seas and 50 mph winds. Just released new DVD, “America’s Cup 1983: 30th Anniversary Edition.”

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