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Sarah Browns Avatar

Sarah Brown

Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK

  • First sail of the season

    April 18, 2011 08:14

    So, so good to get afloat this weekend. Thanks to David and Fiona we had the most lovely weekend on the Clyde chasing clues in the treasure hunt, spotting porpoises and ducking low flying swans!

  • Tis the season

    January 05, 2011 08:54

    Finally the tinsel is down, the tree is being composted and the cake is almost finished. I am not a scrooge, far from it, i love the festive season and all the gross over indulgence, but i do also love the turn of the year, the days getting longer and the plans for next season which are now being plotted around the kitchen table. Roll on launch time!

  • Litter, litter everywhere

    March 30, 2010 14:35

    I was pleased to hear that general beach litter in Scotland has decreased this year but was shocked at sewage litter statistics as the Marine Conservation Society announced their latest Beachwatch results in Scotland.

    Less litter has been found on Scottish beaches in 2009 than last year, but they also show that while total litter has increased by 77% since the first Beachwatch in 1994, plastic litter has increased by a staggering 121% in the UK.

    Dear god, we HAVE to stop this! I drove past a local services the other day and there was more plastic than grass. If everyone shouts at the same time perhaps we can get something done about it?

  • Laid low

    November 11, 2009 14:07

    Being off work with another bout of back pain has given me some time to think (and yes, to do plenty of internet shopping). Thing i have thought about most is how much i miss our boat. I miss her fine curves, the way she moves, the white of her sails and the blue of her hull. I miss the buzz when she heels over, digs in her shoulder and shoves the waves aside.

    But the thing i have realised is that although i miss all those things, they are all here with me, in my head. When we went up to Scotland recently to do some work on her i opened the hatch and there were a thousand memories waiting for me, days at anchor, days under sail, days under motor. Laughter, tears, teamwork and happiness.

    And the best thing? When i get better, which will be soon, i will be back out there and loving it all the more because i know how precious those experiences are, and i know that The Green Blue, with our new partnership with Sailability, are doing our bit to give that feeling to many disabled sailors.

  • Eco Design

    October 29, 2009 09:37

    It seems every month someone is pushing the boundaries of yacht design towards more sustainable choices. A British graduate, Alastair Callender, has designed a boat so energy efficient that it will actually supply power back to the National Grid using sails designed to harness the power of both wind and sun. All he needs is £40m to build the 190ft luxury cruiser and the next generation of super yacht owners could be sitting in the Monaco sunshine getting richer as they sell their excess power back to the grid!
    A bit less glamorous than Monaco, but perhaps even more important in environmental terms, are the new ‘Skysails’ which give added lift to container ships. These huge kites pull the ships along easing the burden on their engines and saving tonnes of CO2 in the process.
    Yacht designer Erik Sifrer has come up with his own version of a low carbon propulsion system, his 187ft yacht ‘Green Jet’ will run on hydrogen and wind power making her plough through the waves with zero emissions.
    You may be wondering what all these huge yachts have to do with the average yacht in the UK? I know I certainly can’t afford the berthing fees for a 187ft boat, let alone to own one so why do I care what they run their engines on? The thing is, without the super yachts and the super brave trying these things out we would never see them come to our more modest markets. The IMOCA Open 60 class has been driving innovations that have eventually arrived into our chandleries, where do you think low energy, high power LED lights were first trialed for example?
    Come to think of it, even the formula one power boats have given us some surprisingly green wins, from their work we have seen massive improvements in propeller design and power to weight ratios. Out of competitive necessity these organisations have created a whole new world where every ounce matters and every watt is accounted for. For them it is about coming first in the race. For me it is about saving precious natural resources. Whatever the reason, I welcome the innovation!